09. August 2023 / 20:00

Contact to Earth I – Festival Concert Programs

Contact to Earth I

ensemble mosaik participates during the festival in two concert programs under the motto “Contact to Earth.”

The first part of Contact to Earth showcases, in a miniature, the broad sense of how experimental music, mostly produced outside of the mainstream and isolated at home, interacts with the external world.

In his, perhaps, most emotional piece, the structuralist Spahlinger allows Guillaume Dufay’s chanson “Adieu, m’amour” to shine through his theoretical soundworld.

Antje Vowinkel, a composer and improviser from Berlin, borrows loudspeakers from swanky cars to give them a new home and explores the bouncing effect of slow amplitudes on the membrane. She incorporates different textures and objects from daily life into her work.

Liisa Hirsch, who initially wrote her trio for baroque instruments, explores the dynamics of these instruments guided by the intensity of bow-contact. This approach leads her to discover an indirect gateway to the aesthetic of playing early music.