12. August 2023 / 18:00

Kalvs kyrka
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Contact to Earth II – Festival Concert Programs

Contact to Earth II

ensemble mosaik participates during the festival in two concert programs under the motto “Contact to Earth.”

The second part of Contact to Earth features performances by Alessandrini and Valenzuela, offering two recollections of early music, engraved in the title as well as in the music itself.

Iannotta’s music is sensitive and sound-oriented, drawing inspiration from an image, an instant story inside the mind. The image itself, the “contact to earth,” influences her music, while the music could also depict the situation mentioned.

Ricardo Eizirik’s music is temptingly influenced by earthly phenomena of society, manifested, for example, in his “junkyard-pieces.” Found objects, primarily of technical and rhythmical nature, form a significant part of the music.

In the case of Love Carbin, it is rather a first contact between the ensemble and the student (also between two slightly different cultures) from Gothenburg, who will be composing a string trio.