andernorts II

In UP TO THREE ensemble mosaik presents a festival of small formations: the musicians of mosaik and selected guests perform solos, duos, and trios on the stage of Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin Mitte. In addition to compositions, the mini-festival presents studies and experiments from the workshops of the participating musicians and composers. The title andernorts (elsewhere), looks back at last year’s festival motto and expands it to include an examination of other places and cultures, including a focus on contemplation of nature. Intercultural concepts will be deepened and further developed in new collaborations. The UpToThree Festival 2023 takes place in cooperation with the Kyiv Contemporary Music Days. This educational and concert platform for new music presents a series of events in Berlin in June and July 2023 with a special focus on introducing the Ukrainian new music scene and its composer and performing traditions in their interlinkages with Western European music practices. Musicians from Ukraine and ensemble mosaik will present seven compositions by Ukrainian composers as part of the UpToThree.

Programm 1 :
Liza Lim
lucid dreaming (2022)
Junge / Strasser
listening through trees (2023)
Kristine Tjøgersen
Prologue & Avian Chatters (2021)
Anna Korsun
Of Birds (2023)
Luca Staffiere
ORELOB (2023)
Maja Bosnić
/otkriće se/ (2023)
Neffe / Surberg / Meyer
improvisation (2023)
Anna Arkushyna
Modelle (2016)
10. Jun. 2023 / 19:00, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin
Programm 2 :
Du Yun
Under a tree, an Udātta (2018)
Feliz Anne Macahis
d:ua:ta study (2023)
Alexander John Villanueva
sa-li-ta-an (2023)
Kee Yong Chong
three rituals from the NoMan’s land (2023)
Mykhailo Chedryk
Sonare for guitar solo (2018)
Anton Koshelev
rakish repulsed (2023)
Jonah Nuoja Luo Haven
bauch (2023)
Chatschatur Kanajan
faces and voices (2023)
Alexander Bauer
Solo (2023)
Boris Loginov
Miniature (2017)
Adrian Mocanu
le moire (2021)
Saprykin / Surberg / Mayr / Strasser
improvisation (2023)
11. Jun. 2023 / 19:00, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin